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P3190230_2Team Possibles is an arts exploration group made up of young adults with Down syndrome and their peers (ages 15-30). Artist Renee Forrestall created Team Possibles in Fall 2007, for the Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society. It is an artists-run program that addresses the social, cultural, and expressive needs of the young adults through engagement, and exploration in different art forms, including: visual arts, film, and dance, music and theatre. Staffed by professional artists, Dalhousie, MSVU, and NSCAD students, and a group of core, dedicated volunteers, Team Possibles continues to develop and grow.

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Team art hive

Current Projects:

Team City Art Hive


Team City Art Hive has been adapted to better suit the needs of the Ds community. We are inviting small groups to participate on group Team Projects. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer or for more information on small group participation.  Please contact .

Clink this link below for more information on how to get involved in this project: NEW Team Possibles Art Hive.


TEAM TEN: International Eterno-Team Votive Figures Project

sculptures    NSCCH

In 2016, Team Possibles studied ancient clay figures of people with Down syndrome. They learned about other “Votive Figures” from ancient cultures and responded by creating small clay figurative sculptures. The Team created a prototype that represents their team spirit and identity: the Eterno-Team Votive Figure was born.

Click here for more about the Making of Eterno-Team & symbolism of the figure.

Eterno-Team figures were celebrated, launched, distributed and photographed around the world. In some cases they have been left for others to find.

Each Eterno-Team sculpture has this page link printed on the bottom so that people can find out about Team Possibles and join in the celebration of our Down Syndrome Culture.

IF YOU HAVE FOUND A SCULPTURE – Congratulations! you are the proud caretaker of an Eterno-Team Votive Figure. With it you can celebrate the ancient, eternal, and on-going culture of Down syndrome.

You can also submit a photo of the sculpture to our Facebook page, or email to: teampossibles@gmail.comThank you: Province of NS, Department of Communities Culture and Heritage.

“A votive deposit or votive offering is one or more objects displayed or deposited, without the intention of recovery or use, in a sacred place for broadly religious purposes. Such items are a feature of modern and ancient societies and are generally made in order to gain favor with supernatural forces.” (Wikipedia)


Team’s Projects and Blogs: 

img_0312team-eternal-votive-figuresSpring-Fall 2016 – Eterno-Team Team works on its Votive Figures project with international aspirations. Team creates and sculpts symbolic figures to demonstrate the historical significance of Down syndrome. Team makes a trip to Peggy’s Cove to launch the travels of the figures.  Follow the journey at the FB page: Team Possibles: Votive Figures. Thanks to Province of NS and PAANS for support of this project. Team Angel Dancers perform with a new choreography and giant puppets under direction of Diana Higgs at The Advent Show. Welcome back Team leader Mandai Mohan.

Winter 2016 –  Team Expression/Portraits: Inspired by work of team guest artist Mark Gilbert, team explores painting, photography, and sculpture. With Fall-In Team Building led by Will Brewer. Thanks to the 4Cs Foundation and HRM Recreation for ongoing support of Team City Art Hive!


Fall 2015- Team Gallery-ific: Team builds their portfolios inspired by artwork themes chosen by members: Abstraction, still lifes, baby-portraits, flower paintings. Team celebrates and sells artwork at Motionball, HSNDSS Christmas Party,  Team Angel Dancers & planets light up the crowd at The Advent Show (Nov 26-28). Congratulations to Marie Webb & Lux Habrich for their participation in Atlantic Fashion Week ( and to Will Brewer for acceptance into MSVU’s Ability program as well as his inargural skydiving adventure :). Team City Art Hives continues this term lead by Team artists Marie, Will, Jessica, and Katie. Thanks to funding support by 4Cs Foundation, Province of NS (Diversity and Community Capital Grant) and HRM Recreation. Team welcome new volunteers Mark Gilbert and Jon Dunbar. Thanks to SMU Enactus volunteers led by Tapiwa Rabwi.

11165164_10152743640850780_2662964798143941035_nSpring 2015
Wrap Party: Led by Dylan Fish and inspired by the artwork of  Judith Scott, Team weaves, wraps, and felts with projects to be displayed at Dartmouth Alderny Landing. Welcome to new Team NSCAD volunteer, Jenny Shi.  Team celebrates Will Brewer’s achievement of The Encore Award: To recognize a youth with a disability who has significantly contributed to the community. Team celebrates Access Awareness Week June 1-6 with a week-long Art Hive and Team Village jam session. Over the spring and summer Team participated in the Art of Disability Festival (July 30, 2015) at Alderly Landing by Independent Living NS. Teams Unraveling Judith scultures were on display at Craig Gallery, Alderney Landing over the summer (June 27 – Aug 2).

About Unraveling Judith:  Fibre sculptures, by Team Possibles, have been made to celebrate the life’s work of Judith Scott. A fibre artist with Down syndrome, Judith Scott gained international recognition for her work that predominantly features objects wrapped and encased in yarn.

angel-dancers-2015Fall 2014
Team Art Hive.  Team artists work on projects including silkscreen, felting, painting in preparation for open-studio time for the public in Spring 2015. Other projects this term included table displays, and keynote presentation for the Canadian Society for Education through Art (; Dine By Design Team Possibles inspired kitchen with Success College; Motion Ball art sale; and Diana Higg’s Black Light Angel Dancers for the Advent Show. Welcome new NSCAD volunteers Morgan Walker and Lexi Habrich. Welcome new Team member Randy Hatcher!

IMG_6390Fall 2014 Kid Possibles! Brand new program for kids 6-12yrs working in Team’s studio exploring arts based fun! Welcome new volunteer Alyssa Larade.



chromos homes

Spring 2014
Chromos Homes 21 Exhibition and Making Symposium. Team and guest artists displayed work on the theme of Team Village at NSCAD Port Loggia Gallery June 1-7th 2014. Thanks to PAANS Access Awareness Week for their support.

Click here for more details.

WB Halifax FB ProfileWinter  – Spring 2014
WeirdBeard Halifax: The Three Little Pigs!

Team Possibles and WeirdBeard Troupe have joined forces to create a amazing puppet troupe here in Halifax. We have come together to produce theatrical experiences using life-sized puppets in blacklight. Our puppeteers are youth and adults with Down Syndrome and their families. The Three Little Pigs is directed by Alanna Griffin and props department led by Dylan Fish, with Lynn Brimble, Joy Pennick, and the rest of the dedicated Team volunteers and supporters! Team Possibles performed The Three Little Pigs May 6th to Central Spryfield Elementary students, and on May 10 and 11th at 2pm at Arts Express Community ArtsSpace at J.L. Ilsley High School. Thanks to all those who came to watch the show and support our Troupe.

Click here for a list of the cast and crew members:

Thank you to our supporters and partners: WeirdBeard & Joanie Cunningham, Province of Nova Scotia (COY), HRM Recreation, Arts Express & Sabine Fels, J..L Ilsley High School, and our many volunteers.

Click here to visit our facebook page for more photos and feedback about the show!

studio doodioFall 2013
Studio Doodio
Team continues work on their collaborative drawings and felting projects and celebrates Walk with Friends, Halloween & Christmas. Team Angel Dances performed in their 3rd annual production of Come to Us Emmanuel, The Advent Show, produced by Judy Savoy & Geordie Brown.  Click here for a photo slide show! Thanks Allison!!


ethereral beingFall 2012 – Spring 2013
Ethereral Beings
Team Possibles was awarded a COY grant for the 2012/13 year. Thank you to the Province of Nova Scotia! Justine Kerr and Kizi Spielman Rose joined Dylan Fish and Clara Congdon from NSCAD who assembled a team of student volunteers from NSCAD to support Team Possibles in the creation of their Ethereal Wearable Art Projects. Art Projects included: Creation of Wearable Art, Creation of Large Star for dance performance, Photo Silkscreened Series for Neon t-shirts, printing of 75 t-shirts, Large felted Ethereal Wing Mural, Mylar Balloon Instillation (Spring Term).

The Wearable Art Show was held in the Atrium at Citadel High’s Spatz Theatre. The show was immensely successful, the team were brilliant, Dylan, and Clara, did an exception job at every level of teaching, and production. The Ethereal collection was celebrated by the whole community and especially appreciated by the arts community – the Team received many compliments on their participation and work.

electricWinter 2012 Spring/Summer 2012:
Electric Team Possibles:  Zap Sea Collection: NSCAD Wearable Art Show

The years’ highlight was creating the wearable art. Team and fashion design students from NSCAD University’s worked to create the Zap Sea Collection: a series of Neon Wearable Art pieces. They started with duct tape molds of themselves from which they made dressmakers mannequins. Each Team Member created designs based on their concept, and then worked with the NSCAD students using a variety of construction methods: sewing, cutting, glue gunning, velcro, painting & printing on fabrics. The experiences proved to be full of wonderful opportunities for Team to participate meaningfully in their community.   Here is a video of the Show!

One of many projects of the year: Canada Day Neon Olympic Flag: Team Possibles was invited by HRM to participate in Canada day Events at the Halifax Commons. Team created a large neon Canada Flag that was signed by Canada Day visitors from HRM. The flag, bearing good wishes from Haligonians, was sent with the Olympians and was hung on site in the Olympic Village in London England.



Click here for earlier projects 2006-2011 


team valentinePartnership Programs

Team Possibles is excited about its various partnership programs ongoing and in the works.

Best Buddies Canada– for young adults 18 years and up.
Please contact Renee if you would like more information on this group.
The Maritime Coordinator is: Nicole MacDonald

Duke of Edinburgh
The Team Possibles Group – for the Duke Of Ed Awards Program (on-going participation/registration). A self-directed awards program that includes: Personal goals of Physical Fitness, Community Service, Skills Development and Adventurous Journeys. To register or for more information you should contact the Nova Scotia Leader: Connie Miller at the Duke Office: The office is in the Sport NS Building – you can fill out the application there or on-line.
TD Waterhouse Program, 4th Floor, 5516 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 1G6 902.425.5454 x.320

Claire Bader – Ballet Instruction
Clare adapts the flowing art of ballet to help our young adults master the basic technique and stretches. It will help with body alignment, strength and musicality. Contact Benetta Sanchez for more information.

Fitness Program Winter 2011
Prof. Scott Grandy from Dalhousie -has 2 students who are keen to work with us – Rhonda & Richard. One is a Zumba Instructor (Latin dance exercise to music), the other can offer a circuit training program in the gym. * To participate in this program, please ensure you have filled out the PARQ form and send to Renee.

Spryfield Wellness Centre
The Team has been invited by Dr. Karen Clarke to exhibit art work at their new health clinic opening at the old South Centre Mall in Spryfield (16 Dentith Road). The Team’s silkscreens, collages and marbelling that were displayed at NSCAD Anna Leonowens Gallery will be on display in the clinics reception area as of the week of November 28th.

IMG_7997More About us!

Here are a few quotes collected by Emily, one of our valued volunteers, who interviewed the young people who make up ‘the Possibles’

‘It’s really fun to have Down syndrome. You get to do things that other people can’t do. Like not drive. (You like that?) Yes. Because driving is bad for the world, it’s air pollution.’ Max, 19

The Possibles is a good chance and opportunity for other kids with Down Syndrome to come out and have fun. Some people don’t really have that many friends – they should come and meet some friends because it’d be really nice to see some smiles on their faces.’ Erin, 15

I think Down Syndrome is great. Lots of partying. Down Syndrome is great because you go to new places, like down south, up north. The Possibles is like a castle of heaven. This is like the kingdom of heaven; this is utopia, heaven on earth. Andrew, 20

I like taking pictures. And I like being in the pictures. I like parties. We did Erin’s birthday and Halloween. We watched a movie, and it was called Freedom Writers. The best stuff. Eduardo, 14:

The Possibles rock!
Why should there be more Possibles sessions?
It’s coming great I know it.
It’s changed around I’ve changed – I cut my hair.
Karsen, 17

Teen Possibles is fun.
I come here, I want to.
I like girls, and movies. I liked being the director; I like taking pictures.
Why should there be more Possibles sessions?
Because I be good – I may get married!
Do you think you might meet someone here?
Yes! Dylan, 14

Andrew (as the bride, below): Treat women equally

CLICK here to read the Team’s speeches presented at the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s conference in 2009.

(scroll down this blog until it says “Speeches….”

IMG_1462THANK YOU to our funding-partners, volunteers, parents and supporters!!

HRM Community Development
Chocolate Lake Recreation Centre
Province of NS, Dept of Tourism Heritage and Culture, Cultural Opportunities for Youth
WeirdBeard Troupe
NSCAD Wearable Art Show
Youth on the Radar
Department of Justice
HRM Civic Events Canada Day
Nova Scotia League of Equal Opportunity
TEAM Work Cooperative Ltd. and the WorkBridge Association
HRM Community Grants Program
Active Halifax Communities
The Nova Scotia Duke Of Edinburgh Awards TD Bank Program
Halifax Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society
Forrestall Fine Art
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
NSCAD University
Anchor Archive Artists Collective
Viewfinders Youth Film Festival
National Canadian Down Syndrome Society
Halifax Ballet Theatre
4C’s Arts Engage
Image House Digital
Brigadoon Village
Province of Nova Scotia Cultural Activities Program for Youth
Dalhousie Medical Students Society
IWK Community Projects Grants
SMU Enactus
Geordie Brown & Judy Savoy, Come to Us Emmanuel Productions 2011-2016
Dartmouth Heritage Museum
Arts Express
Craig Gallery
Independent Living NS
4Cs Foundation
Canadian Society for Education through Art
Province of NS, Diversity and Community Capacity Grant
United Way Halifax – Team City Art Hive project 2016


Carrie Wipp – Lynn Brimble – Nick Webb – Audrey Samson – Sarome Curtis – Megan Pegg – Benetta Sanchez – Emily Martinello – Marco Tashan – Sherry-Lynn Jollymore – Denis Coates – Natalie Boudreau – Janet Arthur- Tanya Magee – Mandai Mohan – Rhonda Melanson – Richard Gormley – Cassady Poehlman – Dylan Fish – Clara Congdon – Kizi Rose – Millie Forrestall Webb – Ali Columbus – Hanna Goodman – Taylor Jones – Holly Mac Kinnon – Justine Kerr – Alanna Griffin – Sonya Mahe – Brianna Corr – Johnny McNeil – Daniel Code McNeil – Jan Densmore – Laura May – Kim Hanko – Allison Brewer – Erin Laende – Brett Fulmore – Julianne Harnish – Heather Wilkinson – Karl Vollmer – Francessca Nardi – Miranda Mullen – Diana Higgs – Allison Falkner – Tay Halischuk-Jones – Joy Pennick – Holly MacKinnon – Morgan Walker – Lux Habrich – Mathew Battiste – Jenny Shi – Alyssa Larade – Margaret Pegg  – Michael Pegg – Jon Dunbar – Marc Butler – Estelle Bryant – Debbie Bauld – John Bauld – Mark Ekins – Barbara Sunday – Mark Gilbert – Tapiwa Rabwi