Team Possibles Projects

Fall 2011
This term Team Possibles worked with artists dance instructors, choreographers, a music composer, and NSCAD students to create The Electric Ballet. It was a black light dance and performance project. It included exploration of neon paint mixed media materials, interior design, fashion design, and dance and movement and wearable art. Their work was featured in-progress throughout the year in several venues and culminated in a public performance at the NSCAD Wearable Art Show in February 2012.

The Electric Ballet Project was a collaboration between Team Possibles, artists, HRM, NSCAD University, Nocturne, Canada Day Events, Judy Savoy, NSDSS, Productions and The Halifax Ballet. Ballet, Flamenco, Zumba, and Creative Movement Workshops included: Ballet, Flamenco, Zumba, and Creative Movement, Fashion Design and Wearable Art Workshops, Silkscreen t-shirt printing workshops, Photo booth Explorations, self portrait and portraiture, Neon set design and backdrop painting.

Spring 2011
Manifesto Gallery
This term the team completes their mosaic project and starts work on 2 public art displays including Chocolale Lake Centre and Cossette Office Space that stem from Art Historical paintings. The Team also is starting to work on their manifesto for the Team Art Gallery. A huge thank you to to Megan for working on the Blog! and Katie I-Star who will be training to help out too. Thanks as well to Clare Bader and Benetta for our on-going ballet program. The Ballet group performs their first recietal of Little Red Riding Hood!!

Winter 2011
Zumba, Justice & Life
This term we are teaming up with artist Miro Davis to work on a mosaic project that will be adorn the Supreme Court building. The theme: Justice! Thanks also to Richard and Rhonda, students at Dal & Zumba instructors, for creating an awesome Zumba & exercise program for the Team!

Fall 2010
This term Alastair Duncan, artist and educator joins the team, as well as new volunteer Mandai Mohan. Projects include filming the team & puppets in action, light painting with Julianne, as well as portraiture and team painting!

Spring 2010
Painted Puppet Theatre
The Team finished work on their giant puppets and brought them to life in a variety of public displays inlcuding IWK lunch & Learn, CTV’s Live at 5, Arts Engage Symposium hosted by 4Cs, the Natal Day Parade, and most recently at the NSDSS Walk with Friends (see next blog for photos)

Spring 2009
Go Big Go Bold
Inspired by Bread and Butter Theatre with workshop support by Mermaid Theatre, this term the team has started to work on the series of large scaled 3D heads that will be developed and used in the completed puppets being planned for public appearances.

Fall 2009
Team Possibles Portfolio
The Team explored studio-painting techniques, materials included: acrylics, dyes, pastels, inks, still life and bamboo ink drawings. They continued to develop their photography, and silkscreen skills. They had an introduction to Ballet workshop with Ms. C. Bader, the founder of the Halifax Ballet School; they participated in the NSDSS BUDDY WALK and published a Calendar of all their Photo Booth work, donating the proceeds to the NSDSS. Along with dignitaries of the NS Duke Of Edinburgh they had an Awards Celebration for 4 recipients: 3 Bronze, One Silver. They created a large mural that was used as a backdrop for a Photo shoot they hosted for the NSDSS as a fundraiser.

Summer 2009
Team Possibles and the Nova Scotia Duke Of Edinburgh Program:
The Nova Scotia Duke Of Edinburgh Awards program invited the members to an expedition weekend at Camp Lone Cloud. Several members are now enrolled in the Duke Of Edinburgh’s awards program. Five have earned their Bronze awards and one has completed their Silver award.

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Spring 2009
Go Public (NSCAD Exhibition)
The team created a large body of silkscreen work for their first university exhibition. Curated by artist Erin Laende, the exhibit opened at the Anna Leonowens Gallery at NSCAD University (May 23-29). The Team worked on their public speaking skills as they were invited to deliver a session at the National Canadian Down Syndrome Conference in Halifax on May 16th.

Winter 2009
Teem Zine
Artist, and NSCAD M.Des student, Erin Laende joined the team and wrote a thesis on social design including a case study: Team Possibles – a Model for Inclusion. The term kicked off with a sketchbook workshop by artist Tom Forrestall. (See Joel Jacobson’s Chronicle Herald Article attached: Feb 2008). We partnered with Anchor Archive, opened our screen print studio, and had screen print workshops with Anchor Archive. The Team learned how to make photo silk-screens, photomontage, and collages. They continued to explore lighting effects and composition in their Photo Booth. They learned Turkish Paper Marbling and compiled and published a series of Zines.

Fall 2008
Styles and Fashion
Collaborating with the AGNS Urban fashion artist Sherry Lynn Jollymore the Team designed and created fashion designed silk-screened t-shirts. They set up a photo booth, painted backdrops and worked in fashion photography. They made fashion posters, and fashion photograms. The semester was topped off with the Team’s second exhibition and first public exhibition at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Enrique Ferreol curated the exhibition. It was well attended and held over for almost a full year.

Summer 2008
Summer Out-door Art
Working with artist Renee Forrestall, filmmaker Denise Howell, and several volunteers the Team had a series of outdoor expeditions around the city where they created Andy Goldsworthy inspired art. Explorations included: Sand mandalas, stone inukshuks, fairy habitats and group woven organic plants and fibers.

Spring 2008
Shadow Theatre: Puppet Butt
Working with filmmaker Denise Howell, directed by HRSB teacher Benetta Sanchez, and an MSVU Masters student, Denis Cotes, the team wrote, acted, and produced a DVD based on their shadow puppet theatre Puppet Butt.

Winter 2008
The Movie
The second semester the Team created a series of carnival masks and had a workshop at the AGNS with Artist Enrique Ferreol. They Collaborated with NSCAD film students, professional filmmakers and View Finders at the CBC building to create two 8 mm films. The films were screened at Bayers Empire Theatres during the opening ceremony of the View Finders Film Festival for Youth.

Fall 2007
Team’s First Art Exhibition
The first semester included work on a series of self portraits culminating with an exhibition of over thirty works at Forrestall Fine Arts Gallery, attended by Her Honor The Honorable Mayanne Francis, hosted by Tom Forrestall, the opening was attended by over a hundred and fifty guests. (See Chronicle Herald article: Discovering Teen Possibilities, Dec. 2007.)