Team Possibles Eterno Team – Votive Figures

sculpturesTo create the Votive Figures, Team Possibles examined ancient cultural interpretations of Down syndrome (Ds) and its mythicization through sculptural votive figures as portable, free-standing three-dimensional weatherproof ceramic sculptures. We examined the work of South American, Mexican, Myan, Olmec figures with Down syndrome, as well as prehistoric clay figures with Ds from all ethnologies and ancient cultures. We discussed the significance of Ds as an ancient world culture.

The 20170218_135114group worked together to create a Eterno-Team; a votive figure that represented ideals, values, hopes and common themes shared by the members. This was captured in drawing, then translated to sculptural form allowing individuality based on the artist creating the figure.

SpringTerm2016Here is the meaning for the key elements according to Team:

  • Cape = Heroic qualities
  • Crown = historic, royality, fame
  • Stars in the eyes = known as Brush Field Spots, a feature seen in some people’s eyes who have Ds; also stardom
  • Egyptian eye for protection on forehead
  • Happy mouth  🙂
  • Decorative items include: flowers, cross,
  • Arms positioned in a hug = warmth, love, caring
  • Hole in the mid area containing marble or empty = container, vessel, taking in, taking on
  • Legs are positioned in a yoga, mediative pose = reflective, thoughtful, flexible


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Thanks to the Province of NS for support of this project!