New Parents

HNSDSS is happy to assist you and answer questions in person. Where possible we can chat on the phone or make a visit to your house. HNSDSS is a volunteer organization of parents and support persons. We would be happy to share our experiences with you!

While you may have been surprised to learn your baby has Down syndrome, know your child will be a wonderful addition to your family.

Babies with Down syndrome need what all babies need -cuddles, nourishment, and love. They will grow, learn and develop, reaching childhood milestones- just at their own rate. Although your baby may have some physical characteristics common to people with Down syndrome, he or she will also look like members of your family.

Your baby also needs health care, a rich stimulating environment and the company of family and friends. A good starting point would be to contact Nova Scotia Early Childhood Development Intervention Services. Other excellent resources include the HNSDSS New Parent Package, which details the experiences of some local families, and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s New Parent Package. See our Links page for more local and national resources.

The following brochures from the Canadian Down Syndrome Society may also be helpful:

Celebrate Being About the CDSS
Celebrate Being About Down Syndrome
Your Child with Down Syndrome

We also encourage you to join our private Facebook Group: Halifax NSDSS to connect with local families and learn about local events and activities.

Please contact Denise Anderson for more information on New Parent support,

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